Book: Where’s Poppy?


When there is a need to explain death to a child, the best course of action is to share, with simple accuracy, the delicate process associated with the passing of a loved one. Children feel safe when they understand what is happening. They find comfort when their questions are answered plainly and truthfully.

This book – beginning with a child looking for Poppy and ending with a celebration in his memorial garden – addresses some of the childhood confusion that often accompanies a loved one’s passing.

Written with respect and sensitivity, it is intended to begin the conversation about what is surrounding the family’s unfamiliar activities. Knowing that each family experience is different, this book provides the first opportunity to talk about what is happening and what will occur next. After the book is read, it is our hope that the conversation continues.

Back Cover of Book:

About the book:

When a family experiences the passing of a loved one, young children often feel left out, frightened, and confused. This book begins the conversation about what is surrounding the family’s unfamiliar activities and what will happen next. Written with respect and sensitivity, the book includes generous doses of comfort and peace.

About the author:

Gracie has enjoyed a long career as an Early Childhood Education Consultant. Her life’s work has been focused on helping young children navigate successfully through early childhood. The events in this book are based on the experiences surrounding Gracie’s family at the passing of “Poppy.” Her personal journey adds both clarity and compassion to a story well told.

This edition:

This printed version is intended to be interactive, allowing children to color and/or add personal illustrations as desired.


The 5.5 x 8.5 book (32 pages) comes sealed in a cellophane sleeve with a pack of four crayons. Price: $7.50 for the book and crayons + $2.50 shipping = $10.00

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