Being led

Throughout the spring, Harley and I continued to take turns flying the 1700 miles between us.

On May, 10, 2016, I posted an article called “Timing is Everything.” You can read it in its entirety below. The bottom line was that circumstances should never dictate decisions, for we are not to be led by outward conditions. We are to be led inwardly, by the Spirit of God. After it posted, Harley and I began to walk out that advice from the Book of Ecclesiastes.

Although we did not know how our plans would evolve, we both were certain that it was time to marry. So to the surprise of many, one sunny day in July we were married in a quiet ceremony held in the family church.

Our goal was the same, our mission identical, our calling unified. We determined to provide home care for his 95 year old mother and to fill her home with life and love. It’s been almost six months now, and I can honestly say that Harley and I have repeatedly seen God’s faithfulness. He has equipped us for this mission. He has united us with wisdom and purpose. And He has allowed His love to overflow in our midst.

Were all our ducks in a row? No. Did we know how to dissolve my home 1700 miles away? No. Did we see clearly how the many tasks would be accomplished? No. But by faith in our Heavenly Father, trusting Him to point the way, we have made it through the transition with great joy and peace.

And what have we learned through it all? We have learned to live one day at a time. For everyday has its own need for wisdom and skill. We have learned to address each issue immediately, leaving nothing for tomorrow’s burden. And we have learned that God is always with us, always aware of every moment, and always ready to show the way. We have learned once again that God is Faithful!

Yes, God is STILL amazing!