Book updates

Hello Friends.

Well, we did it! Both the Kindle and print versions of our book should be available on today. You can view both the print and Kindle versions HERE!



BOOK FORMATTING DETAILS: We designed the book to be an “easy read.” There are two reasons for this. First, if the reader chose the book because he or she is going through a difficult season, fatigue, stress, or medication can often affect eyesight. So in the print version, the font is slightly larger than normal. Second, if the book is a gift to someone who does not normally like to read, it is designed using smaller paragraphs and shorter chapters. In other words, it’s an easy read so that peace, encouragement, and faith can quickly increase.

REFERENCE NOTE: One hundred and nine Scripture references are listed in the Endnotes Section of the printed version. However, the Kindle version does not contain Endnotes.

We hope you enjoy this labor of love and find encouragement and peace as you walk out your own symphony of faith.

Carry on in happiness.